Discover the strengths of our helical & bevel helical gear reducers & gearmotors

  • Universal symmetrical cast iron housing suited for horizontal and vertical mounting with foot mounted housing on 4 faces or 2 faces on the B14
  • Single piece housing for high structural stiffness
  • Wide range of sizes, train of gears solutions and non-standard designs
  • Suitable to be equipped with large NEMA & IEC motors
  • Extended input-output center distance housing for U-layout
  • Case hardened and hardened gear pairs
  • Helical gear pairs with ground profile
  • GLEASON spiral bevel gear pairs with ground profile

G is the best ally for your needs

  • Drive the heaviest applications worldwide
  • Easy and functional shaft-mounting design
  • Minimum maintenance requirements
  • High performance and greater reliability
  • Strength and reliability for heavy duty applications

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