Helical in Line Gearmotors

iFit-IC Series
iFit, the new Rossi Gearmotors range. Rossi has used its experience to create a high-performance helical in-line gearmotor, easy to configure and directly, integrate with any industrial machine. User-friendly, real-time replacement and fitting without re-engineering investments. Equipped with compact IE3 premium effciency electric motors (IEC or NEMA), available with ioT-based smart inverter. Made in Rossi: quality for the perfect Fit.

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Discover the strengths of our helical in line gearmotors.

  • Fully interchangeable with market standards
  • Made in Europe
  • Full range with robust cast iron housing
  • Gear precision as per DIN/ISO 6 or better
  • New IE2, IE3 compact electric motors

iFit is the best ally for your needs

  • “Plug & Play” with no re-engineering costs
  • Superior quality, minimum maintenance
  • High performance and reliability: minimum deformation, no gearing misalignment, no vibration, and low noise level
  • Energy saving reduced backlash
  • Premium efficiency, long lifetime and no oil leakage
  • Wash down capability. Better hygiene
  • Up to 12% torque higher than market standard


iFit-IC series catalog


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iFit series operating instructions


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