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Rossi gearmotors: the future and 70 years of history



Modena, July 2023Rossi 's well-established experience in the heavy-duty sector has propelled it toward a new challenge: iFIT, the compact gearmotor range for the light duty segment. A new product designed in the wake of a tradition in which the company founded in 1953 by Gilio Rossi always looks to change and innovate. As a world leader in heavy industrial applications for seven decades, Rossi sought out to leverage the competitive advantages achieved during its journey to a new field, confirming its position to think of business evolution as a dynamic and flexible process.

Flexibility is one of the main features of the iFIT design, available in helical inline, bevel helical and -expected by 2024- parallel versions. Maximum interchangeability with market standards is among the key distinguishing features. Rossi's iFIT integrates seamlessly with popular machines, providing the highest standards in both torque and power, ensuring easy, fast, plug-and-play replacements at zero redesign cost.

Reliable beyond measure and guaranteeing the superior quality characteristic of "made in Europe", the iFIT distinguishes itself in its design. In fact, the entire iFIT range features a cast iron housing with rounded shapes and a smooth surface. In addition, the standard paint cycles the gearmotors are coated with is a C4 type, i.e.,  a high corrosivity category. This minimizes the risk of deformation, gear misalignment, vibration, and noise. More so, it will allow for easier cleaning of the machine, guaranteeing a high level of functionality. The result, is a longer product life cycle, providing greater durability and,  unique versatility making the machine suitable for different fields of use,  representing a wide industry scope.

The precision gears on the iFIT consist of DIN/ISO 6 or higher offering minimal noise and a decrease in angular backlash. The iFIT’s high torque offers a 12 percent increase in output torque decreasing the wear and tear on the motor.

Incorporated with the new IE2 and IE3 electric motors providing premium efficiency (IEC or NEMA), the dDrive IoT-based smart decentralized inverters increase efficiency and are suitable for any environmental condition.

These characteristics represent the principles of energy saving and sustainable growth, the basis of Rossi's vision. While iFIT's applications contribute to a longer product life and significant energy savings, the company's in-house production process is green oriented, made with technologies that aim to reduce energy consumption by 25 percent.

With the iFIT range, Rossi approaches its first step into the world of light duty with a high-end design and unique  three-year warranty. An advantage that looks to the customer as a fundamental element of this strategy: together with delivery times that stand at three weeks, outpacing competitors and limiting the disadvantages resulting from possible downtime, Rossi wants to be the front runner of this new part of the market by focusing on the principles of quality and reliability that have determined its leadership in heavy duty.

The 30-million-euro investment behind this strategy is among the highest in Rossi's history:  supporting the construction of two new factories in Lecce. One of which is for iFIT's exclusive production use and the second to provide space for warehouses located in the main international market areas. The iFIT mission is to duplicate its offerings by 2030 while further evolving the group in specialization projects through technology maintaining its leadership role in the production of gearmotors across all industrial applications.

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