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Rossi gearmotors: the future and 70 years of history



Modena, June 2023 - Rossi SpA is celebrating 70 years of successful synergy between traditional and modernized innovation. In 1953 Gilio Rossi had the brilliant instinct to identify and focus on gear reducers, mechanical components that are present across all levels of our target industry sectors.


Since then, the company has consistently evolved, establishing itself in the most important international markets offering excellence and reliability in gear reducers, gearmotors, electric motors and motion control solutions. Overtime, traditional mechanical components have been consolidated and developed following the trend of increasingly dynamic and competitive markets, providing Rossi the opportunity to invest in Research & Development while offering high- performance and cutting-edge solutions. 


For Rossi evolution has always involved change, demonstrating a strategic combination of our growth that has been redefined through past, present and future developments. 


After what started as a small artisan workshop, the then Rossi Motoriduttori moved to Modena which remains as our headquarters today, on Via Emilia Ovest. This tactical location has allowed the company's activities and production to increase. 


As a means to guaranteee the best quality, Rossi introduced the grinding line for all gears in 1970. The most impactful change in production came in the early 1990s, with the design and manufacturing of the helical and bevel helical gear reducers and gearmotors, offering universal mounting and single-piece housings. With these developments, Rossi Motoriduttori has pioneered an innovation that has dictated the pace for all of its competitors, channeling the success of the power transmission technology worldwide. 


Progressively, Rossi Motoriduttori expanded its footprint worldwide with the estabilishment of international subsidiaries. England, France and Germany were the first established subsidiaries followed by Spain, Australia, China, the United States, India, Brazil, Poland, Benelux, Turkey, South Africa, Malaysia, and Taiwan totaling to a number of 15 global locations with more than 1,000 employees


Throughout the course of its development, Rossi Motoriduttori acquired SEIMEC, in 1997, an Italian motor manufacturer and SMEI, in 2002, an Italian manufacturer of planetary gearboxes. These strategic approaches were aimed to further integerate industry professionalism creating a global mindset of excellence. In 2009, Rossi Motoriduttori joined Habasit Group (now Moovimenta), a leading Swiss conveyor belt company based in Reinach (BL). 


It was after these acquisitions and partnerships, the group's brand changed from Rossi Motoriduttori to Rossi, highlighting a new phase of growth through the development of an evolving, international, dynamic, sustainable and proactive mindset.


Shortly after this new change, the world experienced the Covid-19 health emergency, prompting an economic crisis. Thanks to the resilience of its employees, and the high quality and versatile product offerings, the company has been able to continue its focus on Research & Development maintaining its foundational business ethics of honesty, fairness, efficiency, transparency, environmental protection and human capital.


Coined from our 70 year anniversary branding, "together we go far", truly correlates with our past and future. In 2022 Rossi revamped its strategic approach by introducing two new product ranges particularly focusing on sustainability and market for future generations. The iFit series gearmotors was the first of the two product ranges introduced including 3 different lines: the helical inline, bevel helical, and helical parallel-shaft. The second product range consists decentralized inverters, also known as the dDrive designed to be installed directly on high-efficiency electric motors, with a compact design and a high degree of protection to be suitable for any environmental condition. Additional lines will be introduced in 2024 offering a turnkey solution, eliminating redesign costs and providing energy-efficient electric motors. 


All of these transformational phases have been an opportunity for Rossi to, renew its corporate logo. In 2009, when Rossi joined Habasit and between the years of 2019-2020, Rossi rebranded its logo to signify a dynamic company demonstrating that with change, comes opportunity to improve and evolve.


Today, 70 years after its origins, the company has designed a special logo dedicated to the people who work for the company as well as its customers: a celebratory image to thank all stakeholders for the commitment, loyalty and determination they have shown in this long journey, in continuous motion, like its gearboxes. 


The introduction of the new logo will also be combined with celebratory events at the group's various locations to reiterate the concept of "together we go far," the objective to evolve, and celebrate a path full of successes.

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