iFit series conforming to market standard, offering better performance

iFit, ready to fit your needs. These innovative gearmotors include high efficiency motors promoting energy saving solutions, elevating our performance standards in the market among comparable gearbox sizes.  Preliminary applications through our target industries have demonstrated successful results. 

We have supported the introduction of the iFit series with a 30-million-euro investment in production facilities with industry 4.0 to offer the new gearmotors internationally. Rossi's, helical in-line iFit gearmotors are interchangeable among familiar industry brands. Both the foot & flange mounted versions meet international market standards. "The iFit series utilizes turnkey installation without the cost of redesigning an installation. Our target segments include intralogistics, material handling sector, waste processing, recycling, mineral, packaging and food industries."


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Better performance

The gearboxes can transmit up to 12% greater torque than comparable models with similar build sizes. The gearmotors are completely fa¬bricated & assembled in Italy, in accordance with high, European quality standards “Made in Europe”. The rugged cast iron housings withstand harsh industrial environments. 

The iFit series can be equipped with a dDrive; a decentralized frequency inverter. "This can be placed directly on the motor's terminal box. The dDrive simplifies the commissioning of various functions for one application. With that, the power of the gearmotor also becomes intelligent in recognizing functionality. The device's options include a main switch, a potentiometer, bluetooth connection, various power connections and a brake resistor. The ladder feature also allows the gearmotor to be used for dynamic applications such as soft-starts and soft-stops." The dDrive is compact and is dust-tight and protected against water jets (IP65). The dDrive is compatible with all common fieldbuses. 

iFit applications

Features iFit gearmotors

Fully interchangeable with familiar industry brands
Turnkey installation with no additional redesign costs
Italian manufacture in accordance with Euro¬pean standards
Straight alignment, precision gears, vibration-free and minimal sound
High quality, double bearing seal
Sturdy, cast iron housing
Equipped with IE3 energy-efficient electric ¬motor
Easy-to-clean, smooth surface for hygienic applications
Up to 12% higher torque (m2max) than market the standard



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