Discover the new Rossi Online Configurator: it's time for customization!

With the latest update, Rossi's online gearmotor configurator offers you even more customized and precise solutions. 

- New series available for configuration: the configurator now supports the iFit-IO, GX, AS and L series, greatly expanding the options available to our customers. This expansion ensures that every specific need can be met with maximum efficiency. 

- Improved accuracy: we have worked to make the data available in the configurator even more accurate. Now, each configuration accurately reflects the customer's needs, ensuring tailor-made solutions that perfectly fit each project. 

- Enhanced customization: users can now easily add accessories to gearmotors, including the ability to integrate an inverter. This feature enables complete customization, ensuring that each gearmotor is perfectly tailored to specific applications. 

- Detailed information after configuration: at the end of the configuration process, customers will have access to detailed data sheets and technical drawings. This step provides all the information needed to make informed and confident decisions. 

Visit the new Rossi Online Configurator now to explore the new features and start configuring the ideal gearmotor for your projects!


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