New Moovimenta Group

Rossi is now part of Moovimenta Group. The Habasit Group, of which we are a part along with Habasit, NGI, and Trapo, has been reorganized and renamed Moovimenta Group. This new configuration will allow us to be even more competitive with a wider and more valuable offering for our customers.




The strategic intent

The brand is designed to to combine the forward-looking perspective of the Group towards innovation and sub-systems, while at the same time preserving the foundations deeply rooted in our four industrial transportation and handling divisions. 

The name

A new brand starts life with an obvious disadvantage: It has no history of built-up awareness, perceptions and associations. It is for this reason that we wanted to create a name with a degree of inherent meaning already built into it. You can see how Moovimenta combines the elements of movement and thinking (‘menta’).

The name ends with “a”, which in many languages and cultures references characteristics of compassion, gentleness and empathy. The ambition is that the name Moovimenta be regarded as a positively caring brand, with Sustainability at its heart. 

The use of double “oo” creates a distinction, a memorable element to the name and a touch of dynamism.

The logo

The shape of the logo is in the form of wings. Beyond just giving a sense of ideas taking flight, wings are deeply symbolic of aspiration, freedom, imagination, and of course, movement. It is also no coincidence that they form the shape of the letter ‘M’.

The wings are comprised of many dots, each one representing an idea, and giving a sense of collaboration, which is one of our core values.  There is a secondary element to the dots: digitalization, which is a central theme for our group strategies.

The colors and fonts
The color palette and fonts represent elegance, rationality and an unquestionable modern look. The neutral color is distinct from any of the existing brands. 

The brand positioning

Moovimenta is a competence, technology-oriented brand. There will be no specific product lines or product category associations, as these are best made within the existing strong brands of the Group. Instead, Moovimenta will be positioned as having competencies within industrial transportation and handling, with expertise in the customer's applications and of being an innovative partner.


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